About Me


I’m Katrina Sanders. My healthcare journey includes over twenty years of experience as an R.N.

Yes, I have walked those 8, 10, and 12-hour shifts. They serve as the inspiration for a place healthcare professionals can find scrubs that stand up to their longest shifts.

A place where scrubs are vetted by an R.N., not another M.B.A.

In full transparency, K&H is a scrub shop, but it is also a victory spun from a dream. After all, I started this company so my four daughters could see a person can do anything with hard work and determination.

My promise to them and to you is to continue that hard work to advance the mission of K&H. A mission to provide high-quality, comfortable scrubs without compromising style and affordability.

When you buy at K&H, you can be confident in the knowledge that every purchase is nurse vetted and night shift approved. That means you can tackle that night shift in comfort, support a small business, and change lives all at once. Pretty standard for a healthcare hero like you.

So, I thank you for trusting us enough to walk with you on your healthcare journey.

And I thank you for being a part of ours at K&H.